Global Extinct: Minecraft Community

GlobalExtinct is a Survival Focused Minecraft community founded in 2014.

GlobalExtinct owns it’s server hardware, co-located in a Datacenter in Kansas City, Missouri. (For those that do not know what this means, we built a server and shipped it to a data-center. Our Hardware belongs to us, and we just use the data-center’s network connection for a small monthly fee).

This allows our community to offer a premium, low-lag, reliable Survival Minecraft community without the need to collect donations on a monthly basis to operate.


Current Server:            New Server:
i7-4790K CPU               i7-7700 (OC 5ghz)
 32GB RAM                   32GB RAM
 250GB SSD                  1 TB NVME m.2 2280
New Server install will happen early-mid September. I will drive it out to the
datacenter and install. More details as we get closer!


While, owning our own server saves us a ton of money it does mean that we have to maintain the server. We have outgrown our existing server in terms of fast SSD storage and processor clock speed.
We are currently accepting donations to replace our SSDs with a 1TB nvme drive that would allow us not only to continue to serve the best possible Minecraft experience, but also retain older maps, longer.
If you are interested in helping fund a new drive for the server, please see below!


The cost of a 1TB nvme drive is $299. We’ve divided that cost into 15 dollar increments. If you are interested in purchasing(donating) 15 dollars towards the cost of a replacement drive, please do so below!  There will only be 20 donation units available for this purchase.


PLEASE Include your Minecraft Name in the NOTES so we can make sure we credit the correct account for the “Thank You” unit!

The In-Game Thank You unit may take a while until we process the order.. it isn’t instant, but we will monitor frequently during the fundraiser and will credit your Minecraft account as soon as possible!